Tuna is a finfish that belongs to the tribe Thunini, a sub-grouping of the Scombridae family. Tuna are widely but parsely distributed through out the oceans of the worlds, generally in tropical and temperature waters between about 45 degrees north and south of the equator.
The genus Thunnus is considered as ‘true’ tuna, it includes: Thunnus albacares (Yellow fin tuna); Thunnus obesus (Big eye tuna); Thunnus alalunga  (Albacore tuna); Thunnus tongol (Longtail tuna); Thunnus macoyii (Southern bluefin tuna); Thunnus orientalis (Pacific bluefin tuna); Thunnus thynnus (Atlatic bluefin tuna)
And other species:
Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis); Fridate tuna (Auxis thazard); Bullet tuna (Auxis rochei);….
Catching method: long line, purse sein, hand line, pole & line.
Nutrition fact of yellow fin tuna, 100gr of meat:
 Calories   Water    Total fat   Saturated fat   Cholesterol  Protein    Iron     Sodium   Omega-3
108 70.99gr 0.95gr 0.2gr 45 mg 23.38gr     0.73    37mg 0.326gr