Latin name: Loligo chinesis and Loligo edulis
Squids are marine cephalopods of the order Teuthida which comprise around 300 species and  Loligo chinensis and Loligo edulis are common in Vietnam territerial water.Squids live in the depth of less than 100m from the surface and are sensitive with change of hyrologic condition, climate and light, hence their migration is based on the season, day and night.
In Vietnam squids are caught from the north to central and south provinces.
Season: squid could be caught whole year round. However there are two main fishing seasons that is northern (December to April) and Southern season (June to September)
Catching method: by using light resource such as squid long line, luring liftnet, liftnet, squids falling net. Strong light intensity is used to attract squids since these species are light-oriented. Squids often concentrate at high density within the light halo. As a result, Viet Nam as well as many other countries often uses fishing techniques together with light tackle to catch squids.