The Company has set up a complete and comprehensive facility with two frozen seafood processing plants, one dried seafood processing plant and a system of cold storage over 5 000 MT capacity. All factories and cold storage are designed and built in the state-of-art, well-equipped in conformity with food processing quality management system and customer requirement from top market such as Japan, Europe, USA.

Frozen seafood factory No. 1
EU approval code: DL 125
Total area:
Construction area: 2 800 m2
Capacity: 60MT/day
Dried seafood factory No. 2 in Phan Thiet
EU approval code: HK 238
Total area: 10 014 m2
Construction area: 5 862 m2
Capacity: 2MT/day
Frozen seafood factory No. 3
EU approval code: DL 356
Total area: 3 400 m2
Construction area: 3 200 m2
Cold storage Main cold storage
Construction area:
Capacity: 4000 Tons  (MT)
Temperature: - 250C
Satellite cold storage
Total area:
Capacity: 1000 Tons (MT)
Temperature: - 200C

Dried Agricultural Product factory in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
Total area: 8500 m2
Construction area: 2672 m2
Capacity: 100 Tons/month